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New Headshots and Big News

As well as a whole slate of new shots by the very talented Stephanie Naru, I am thrilled to finally be able to call myself a Permanent Resident of the United States and a Green Card holder.

Pandemic Bookings

While the world was locked down, I was grateful to record the voiceover for commercials for Palo Alto Networks, Slack UK, BMS Pharmaceuticals and Dexcom.

I now have a professional standard home studio, and both Source Connect and ipDTL.

The Resistance hits the Festival Circuit.

The Resistance has been making its rounds of the festival circuit this fall, screening at Chelsea Film Festival, Florida International Film Festival,  Reading Film Festival, and The Berkshire Film Festival.

More Festivals for If Only

If Only has been accepted into two more festivals, including one in the UK! The film can now be seen online here as part of the DMOFF!

Backstage Magazine Expert

I have started writing for Backstage Magazine online as an expert! Check out my first article here.

Voice of 23andMe in the UK

If you catch a commercial for 23andMe on British television or radio, it'll be my voice that you hear! My latest campaigns are currently airing for the holiday season.

I've Written a Film!

We've wrapped If Only - my first short as a writer and as Executive producer. Head over to the If Only section of this site for some stills and behind the scenes footage from the shoot. Screened and nominated in destivals across the world.

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