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Actor. Singer. Voiceover Artist.​

A native Londoner, with the soul of a New Yorker.

About me

Brooklyn-based, in love with New York, and still hanging on to the accent and a few British-isms of my native London - when I’m not in the rehearsal room, on stage, or in the booth, I can be found wandering through Prospect Park, reading feminist literature on the subway, or singing my heart out at Marie’s Crisis (wine in hand). Okay, so that was written pre-pandemic, but a lot of that is still true - the booth and audition rooms are just in my is the wine-fueled singing (you're welcome, neighbours!).


The daughter of two non-British journalists, I seem to have inherited the assertive, inquisitive, and feisty qualities of their industry, all of which I carry with pride. I am a fluent French speaker with a native accent (Merci Papa!) - unfortunately, my Hungarian is significantly less advanced (sorry Mum!), but if you’re looking for someone to count to twenty, make very minimal small talk with, or swear with a flawless Hungarian accent - you’ve come to the right place.


Some of my recent work had me playing the badass leader of a resistance group in a tech-based short, voicing national TV, radio, and online commercials for Palo Alto Security Networks, Slack, 23andMe, and writing, producing, and starring in my own short film, 'If Only', which has been making its round of the festival circuit - picking up a few award nominations on the way.

To learn more about my work, take a peek at my resume.






Eileen Schellhorn, DDO Artists Agency ​
Gina Manfredi, DDO Artists Agency
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